Registration for Soul Cafe's Sleepout has now opened!


At Soul Cafe, we aim to simplify the complexity of life for our city's most marginalised and disadvantaged; we call them 'our guests'. We serve hundreds of meals a week and offer as much assistance as we can.

This includes support from our doctors clinic, specialist nurse, recovery programs, haircuts, housing, counselling, legal aid services and so much more.

Together, with approximately 135 volunteers giving 350+ hours a week, we are able to make Soul Cafe happen. With the support of our community, Soul Cafe has become a safe haven of hope and help.

SLEEP OUT FOR SOUL is our annual fundraiser. We are a grass roots, non-government funded, local charity. With the funds raised from our sleepout, we are enabled to offer this vital service to the community!

We invite you to join with us and raise support and participate in this year's sleepout on June 15! Together we can make a significance in our community.

In 2017, 167 participants raised an incredible $125,000 for Soul Cafe. It was a great night of community connection and engagement raising awareness of homelessness in Newcastle.

In 2018 with your help, we believe we can once again raise significant funds that will enable us to continue the work we do with some of our city's most vulnerable people.

Every dollar of the funds raised will hit the coal face of the increasing need in our city. Can you help us make a difference?

Can you help us make a difference?

Learn more about the Sleepout and register today!