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"For the last 8 months, a lady and her son who have become regulars at Soul Cafe and have been struggling to sort their Centrelink payments. This week they had a massive breakthrough! David from Centrelink who comes to the cafe to assist guests spent some time with them sorting their situation and the funds they were owed were transferred into their account overnight." [March, 2017]

"A beautiful man, a regular at Soul, who is deaf was robbed this week. The cowards broke into his apartment, beat him up and stole everything, TV, Laptop, ipad and all cooking items such as toaster, kettle etc. They damaged his door beyond repair. We were able to call a handyman and get his locks, door and door opening repaired today. He is now safe behind a locked door. Hopefully the police will track down the perpetrators. To help him with the trauma he had experienced he had an appointment with the Soul Doctor & Mental health Nurse and his prescription was paid for by Soul Clinic. Needless to say, he is very happy with the support from Soul Cafe." [March, 2017]

“Soul Cafe seeks to build into the world or our guests; body, soul and spirit. Health professionals agree that Physical Health is paramount to Mental health. A recent new initiative in physical health has been made possible through the generous support of 'Anytime Fitness Newcastle West' who provide a Personal Trainer one afternoon a week for Soul Cafe guests referred to the by our team. The benefits of this initiative are evident already. One guest who started the program has since joined the gym and is training 2 times a day. This has resulted in nil substance abuse and decreased drinking, healthier eating and increased mental stability. The transformation over the past 3 weeks has been amazing.” [Feb, 2017]

"A bloke who suffers depression and anxiety. Last week I spent time with him sorting out payment plans for electricity and gas bills. We secured vouchers and discounts for him as well as an affordable payment plan moving forward. Today he spoke to me and said he has felt so calm and peaceful since leaving the cafe last week when we sorted out bills etc. He is sleeping better and said, 'Its true you know, when you feel at peace, life makes sense.' [Dec, 2016]

"Stephen is a 30 year old man that attended the lunch service. At the mental health nurses initial contact with Stephen he presented as an elevated and difficult individual. Stephen saw the nurse on a regular basis to explore options relating to his alcohol abuse, criminal proceedings, lack of access to his 1 year old son and his mental health. He now presents as a calm and pleasant man that has gained control, and is living life with purpose with an aim to gain regular custody of his son." [Nov, 2016]

"I just have to tell you I just saw the Podiatrist," How did it go? Did she help you? "she is, fantastic! I tell you the truth Soul Cafe really cares about me! you are all aces in my book." This is the reaction from a gentleman in his 70's after seeing the Soul Podiatrist.” [Oct, 2016]

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