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Mark's Story

Why do I come to Soul Café? It’s the good environment!

I found out about Soul Café through this friend, and I thought at first...

"I’m not going there!"

But I came... and I haven’t left ever since. That was five years ago!!

You’ve got good people here – you know what I mean? You come up to Soul, you get a feed and you get to meet wonderful people. It’s been good.

When I had teeth up the top, my most favourite meal was nachos. It was awesome – but now I’ve got no teeth up the top….


Mark (centred) with Matt the Soul Cafe Chaplain ( right) and Sue our Cafe Manager (left). 

Floyd's Story


“I came to Soul 10 years ago when I moved here from Forster, and I had a lot of issues on my plate that I had to sort out from my smoking, drinking and other drugs.

I met some people in the street and they told me that I might be able to get some help from Soul Café… and they really did help me get rid of my bad habits and into a good routine..."

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