It’s a great honour to present to you our very first Soul Café Calendar!

This 2021 calendar came out of the year no one expected, 2020. Some friends of Soul unexpectedly surfaced to contribute and capture some stories and images that tell the Story of Soul through the eyes of our guests and volunteers.

For this, we are truly thankful for the generous support and hard work of Jodi and Raz O’Connor, Myf Garven, Lee Illfield, Matthew Ortiger, Tess Martin, Amy Stanton, Penny Holt and Sam Barnes.

To our calendar sponsors we say—thank you! Your sponsorship reflects your goodwill towards Soul and your generosity has caused this project to fly.

To those who are purchasing this calendar: we hope you’re inspired by some of the heart warming stories. You're helping raise funds for Soul that will help create more stories throughout 2021.

Soul is a community response to some deep community needs. Our work on this calendar will build our capacity to work together for those who need it most—our guests!

May your 2021 be filled with peace and hope!

Rick Prosser, CEO, Soul Café



In NSW homelessness has increased by 37% since 2011.

In 2019 Soul Café provided 42,357 meals and food care packages to vulnerable people in Newcastle (up 34% since 2017).

Our Guests accessed services at Soul Café (including doctors, hairdressers, legal aid and many more) 2,496 times in 2019 (up 22% since 2017).

Soul Café was born and bred in Newcastle. We are non-government funded and rely solely on the support of our incredible volunteers and local donations to keep our doors open.

100% of funds raised from The Story of Soul - 2021 Calendar will be used to continue supporting the members of the Newcastle community that need us most.