ROTATING BANNER_an average day at soul cafe


Our volunteers open up the cafe and kitchen to start preparing the meal for the day (often with some great tunes playing in the background). Volunteers pick up donated food from 'Coles Second Bite' or other business donors such as Bibina. Deliveries from food rescue warehouses such as 'Foodbank' are brought up on a trolley from waiting trucks and packed away food storage areas.



The whole team of staff and volunteers from the kitchen, floor and administration teams come together for coffee, volunteer training and an update on the days activities. There is a lot of laughter and 'words of wisdom' for the day!



Food prep is usually finished and the kitchen team are getting ready for the days service. Cups of Tea & Coffee are flowing as guests come into the cafe, some of whom may talk with Soul Cafe staff about other needs they have.

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Food service begins! It's all systems go. Volunteers and staff are busy ensuring everyone is served a meal at their table and that plates are cleaned up.

Some of the meals provided within Soul Cafe.

12 noon

As guest enjoy their meal, they are able to access additional service providers such as; Centerlink, Legal Aid, Accommodation Options, Doctors & Mental Health Support, Counselling, Rehab & Refuge Options and even a Hairdresser(some cafe guests walk out looking like a supermodel). For a full list of our weekly schedue Click Here


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Food service finishes for the day, so everything is wrapped up, cleaned up, packed up and set up ready for the next day. Some guests attend recovery programs or get individual assistance to help work through challenges they are facing.