A surprise for Troy

At Soul we do whatever we can for whoever we can with whatever we have. And recently all the pieces came together perfectly when Monday brekky volunteer Rob approached us on behalf of his friend Ben who wanted to help change the life of a guest by providing them with a car for free.

Ben said “Our car has been a workhorse for us and we knew someone would get far greater value out of receiving it, compared to trading it in – for a limited benefit for ourselves. If we can help relieve the stress of not being mobile (or having a vehicle always breaking down) while juggling work, school and family, by donating our car, we consider that a huge win.” 

We couldn’t think of anyone who could benefit more from a car than our guest Troy. Last year Troy was in a serious incident which sees him visiting the John Hunter Hospital for spinal treatment three days a week for at least the next 4 months. For the last 9 months, Troy has been relying on the ever-changing and sometimes unreliable public transport timetable. Usually catching 2-3 buses one way just to get to appointments, visit family, come to Soul and having to shop every two days as he can only manage 1-2 shopping bags as he’s limited by the bus and having to walk full time with a cane.  

We surprised Troy with Ben’s second-hand car which Troy describes as “life-changing.” He said he couldn’t take the smile off his face and struggled to sign the rego papers as he couldn’t stop shaking out of excitement.  

Troy says having a car will allow him so many freedoms that will make life so much easier. Troy says all he needs to do now is make a driving playlist! Thank you Ben for this life-changing gift. Troy can’t wait to hit the road over the weekend and enjoy all the little luxuries that come with being a driver!

Meet our guests

Our guests and meeting their needs is what compels us. Soul Cafe has become a safe place, a refuge, a family. Its a place where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything is possible.



Last year we tragically lost Troy in a house fire, that day we lost a part of our family.

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Soul Guest Nick


Nick found family, friends, support and a meal every day at Soul, through the good, bad and ugly we were there each time.

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Soul Guest Johnny


I came to Soul and found a safe place. The volunteers are so friendly and I have made good relationships with the Soul staff.

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