Meet Dan

Today a group of volunteers from Bunnings came to lend a helping hand freshening up our dining room. While they were here, they bumped into one of our newest guests Dan. Dan is new to Newcastle and lives on the streets.

Today was his second visit to Soul. We commonly use the phrase ‘there are no two days alike at Soul’ and today was another golden example of that.

He came in and ate a delicious beef and vegetable lunch with one of our floor team volunteers and he mentioned how he doesn’t have a sleeping bag. So, we popped downstairs and got him a brand-new swag we had donated to us recently. “I’ve been looking for a swag like this for over 2 years” he told us.

On his way back upstairs, he started talking to one of the brilliant Bunnings volunteers and mentioned how much of a difference a brand-new pull cart would make to his daily travels through Newcastle.

During lunch Bunnings on their own merit snuck out and picked him up a brand new Gorilla Mesh Cart free of charge! He was so excited he went downstairs with a Soul team member, and they assembled it in less than half an hour.

Dan said how he’s already fallen in love with Newcastle and said that through his travels he has never come across a service like Soul Cafe. We can’t wait to see him and all our other guests tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Meet our guests

Our guests and meeting their needs is what compels us. Soul Cafe has become a safe place, a refuge, a family. Its a place where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything is possible.


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