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Steve's Story

Steve - Soul

In the year of 2000, Steve first came to Soul Cafe as a guest. He's been volunteering at Soul Cafe since 2004, has been sober for 13 years and gives up 20 hours of his week to assist in different areas at Soul.

Steve leads the 'Smart Recovery' drug and alcohol group, and is a great encouragement to those partaking in the program as a result of his experience. He also picks up food from vendors on Wednesday mornings, and helps out for breakfast Mondays and Saturdays.

"Soul helped me out when I needed them, and so I'm giving back to them now. I love Soul Cafe, I love what it's all about and what they do. I love volunteering with at least 100 other volunteers.

Don't put homeless people down, because you just never know... a couple of things could go wrong with your life and one day you could end up there yourself."

Alexa's Story

“ The last couple of years I’ve been trying to make a commitment to come in one day a week and just talk to people at lunch time. I love people and I love spending time with people.

I just sit down at tables where I feel people are happy to have you chat with them… and just to hear people’s stories. I’ve loved understanding different people’s stories because they are all so different – and very different to mine. You might a story from someone who has just been in jail, or at court, out of abuse or addiction – all of these different situations. You try to understand what their life is like and how to get a glimpse of it. I think that a lot of people don’t have anyone to listen to them and show genuine interest, but Soul Café offers a lot of opportunity in volunteering to genuinely care for people and listen to their stories.

In doing that too, I’ve really enjoyed befriending people and making people feel accepted and loved. I really enjoy (hopefully) being a positive influence in people’s lives.

There’s a lot of positive input at Soul Café. There’s a lot of stability for people – it’s always there and always open for them. It’s a good environment and it’s quite holistic, it’s not just offering a meal, but all of the other services too – the Dr, the Lawyer, Housing, Haircuts… it’s great!”

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